Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Note From Johnny (Q&A)

Feel free to submit questions for Ben. People have posted questions in some of the comments sections and in private emails. I will collect them and mail them to Ben. I'm not sure how long it will take for his reply.

Hopefully, I will get the rest of the narrative up soon.

God Bless,


Luke Quanbeck said...

I am writing a paper on media violence and Benjamin's name came up in an essay by John Grisham. My paper's thesis is that media violence is not the cause of people committing evil in the world. I had no idea I would stumble across the first hand account from Ben. Praise God he has found forgiveness in Christ. I am proud to call him a brother in spite of what he has done. If you have contact info for Ben, I would love to talk to him. Thank you for sharing his story. Let him know I am praying for him.

Johnny Blake said...

Benjamin Darras #R7164
Unit 28, C Zone, Bed 110
Parchman, MS.38738

And for the record, Ben never blamed the movie for what happened.