Thursday, October 20, 2011

Note from Johnny

I have not heard from Ben in some time. I think he has been moved to a
different unit. I will post more of the story as soon as possible.
Sorry for the delay.


Kay said...

Thanks Johnny, it's been a fascinating read. Thanks for keeping up with it.

mrsgm said...

I want to know how Ben feels knowing that Sarah is on parole after serving only 11 years of her sentence?

mrsgm said...

How did Ben get the sentence he got and Sarah is free to wander the state of Oklahoma? Both seem equally dangerous. Does her family hold so much power in Oklahoma that their members can coldly shoot people, taunt them, and then walk free 11 years later? Something is wrong here. Is there something about ben's criminal past that maybe isn't publicized?

Marty said...

mrsgm - yes her family of wealthy, connected politicians holds so much power that she is free. They put on a huge show at the initial trial and then fought to get her out over the years.

Ben went to court with a public defender and was blamed for his crime as well as hers and he was buried.

Knowing people, having money, attorneys and politicians on your side changes everything.

rosietx1 said...

Still looking for Ben? Anxious readers are waiting for an update!!

Mrs. GM
For the back-story (part of it anyway) you can Google Ben & Sarah's names and find old articles. You can also view, on Netflix, the show Wicked Attraction: Season 2, Episode 11. It's not a personal account so take it with a grain of salt. It does explain how Sarah got the extremely light sentence that she did compared to Bens. =(

Anonymous said...

I just learned the story of Ben and Sarah, and am stunned that Sarah is free while Ben, apparently, is still in prison and is serving a profoundly more severe sentence. Is there any current information on how Ben is doing?

Anonymous said...

Ben is serving a "profoundly more severe" sentence because he shot my family member in the head multiple times and left him there to die. Unfortunately, he was not found alive. He wrote a letter confessing to pulling the trigger.

Sarah was charged with attempted murder. That is a big difference.

I am not implying that Sarah did not deserve the same sentence as Ben. I am saying that Ben was not "buried." his sentence was appropriate for his crime.

Samatha P said...

Sara may have not been charged with the murder, but only because she received a deal arranged by her-wait for it.... high powered defense team. What you may have not seen before in the press is that she was in the room with the murder was committed WITH A KNIFE IN HERE HANDS.

Ben, on the other had, received the same sentence Sara did in LA but also the life sentence in MS. Both of them committed both crimes. Its not fair. Either keep them both in prison or let them both out.