Friday, May 13, 2011

Note From Me

Ben wrote to me recently and asked that I not include the descriptions or the crimes. I wrote back and asked why. This is his response to that question.

"This is not just my story. It is the story of the victims as well as their families. It is not fair to them to share this in such a public way without their permission. I've hurt people enough and I don't want to do that to them any more. I know that any of my story being posted on the internet may not be appreciated by everyone and some may say I should just shut my mouth and do my time. However, I do think there is some real benefit to sharing this story. It is already being used by many in schools and youth groups. Who knows where it may lead. Still, there is still some of it I think should be kept private and not posted in such a public forum. There are those who would just be interested in the details of the crimes and I don't want to be involved. There are enough true crime shows  and books already. What would really be the benefit of sharing the details of the actual crime? There is none."

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lostsoul said...

for Ben: Hang in there Ben. You are proof positive people can change. Ive never believed in incarcerating teenagers as adults & your story demonstrates why. You could be doing alot more good out HERE than in there. Keep it up, dont lose hope. Things CAN change. God Bless & there are people out here supporting you!